The Responsibilities of US Bankruptcy Lawyers

Some businesses and individuals struggle hard to pay creditors back. Even with the best of intentions and efforts, however, the process may become so overwhelming that there is no other choice but to file bankruptcy. Bankruptcy filings have become more prolific as recessions occur in one country after another. In the United States, this is a common occurrence that increases the demand for bankruptcy attorney

Bankruptcy is similar to being insolvent. This means that debts owed are greater than the sum of any assets, property, cash on hand or credit available with which to pay them.

The laws pertaining to this type of filing in the US give a debtor an option to discharge debts owed or repay them in part. There are different types of filings. The most common are a Chapter 7, Chapter 13 and, for businesses, a Chapter 11.

While a debtor can file his or her own petition, it is better to hire the help of a knowledgeable, responsible and discreet attorney that specializes in this area of law. The rules pertaining to various filing differ and they can be very complex. If a petition is filed incorrectly, it is subject to being dismissed, leaving the debtor with the same problem, he or she is working to solve which is being in overwhelming debt.

A US bankruptcy lawyer has a responsibility to each client to treat that client with fairness and care. A lawyer must adhere to a code of ethics as well during the filing and handling of the case. For a specific type of attorney, such as the one hired to take care of helping a client file a petition, that attorney must be knowledgeable about all aspects of different types of Chapter filings.

A debtor who is an individual would do well to work with an attorney that has proven him or herself as a professional that handles Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 cases. A professional or corporate debtor should work with Chapter 11 professionals with experience.

A lawyer must always use discretion when handling his or her client’s bankruptcy filing. Many attorneys have an understanding of the various personalities the district Trustees possess. They understand what their clients must disclose and how so that the Trustee does not dismiss the case for an error or a missed Chapter 13 payment. When they communicate with the Trustee or other party regarding their client cases, they remain confidential and respectful.

For business clients, an attorney has a bigger responsibility to ensure the business has disclosed all assets or any other forms of revenue to the bankruptcy court. Attorneys understand that in some cases, the business is better filing to liquidate itself instead of work out a pay plan. Again, this is one reason a business must find a bankruptcy lawyer with experience filing professional cases. If possible, they will want to find an attorney with experience working with companies of a similar size.

The attorney should offer sound legal advice during the entire proceeding. Some bankruptcies require lengthy pay plans of up to 60 months. During this period, the attorney or his or her paralegals should be able to address any concerns a client has or they should be able to answer any questions a client has promptly and patiently. A good lawyer will offer sound suggestions but will often not force a client to make a particular move unless the bankruptcy is threatened to be dismissed.

Take time to choose a bankruptcy lawyer with plenty of experience. If you are an individual, look for an attorney with experience handling individual filings. If you are part of a company, find an attorney with corporate bankruptcy experience. Visit and get the best bankruptcy advice.

The Different Types of Colon Cancer Treatments

If you found out you have colon cancer, then you will need to start thinking about treatment. However, you should know that the treatment options available to you is determined by what stage of the cancer is at, as well as where the cancer is located. Your oncologist will be able to speak with you about your treatment options, and with that said, we will discuss three of the most common treatment options for this type of cancer.Colon Cancer Screening

1. Surgery- The standard treatment for colon cancer is surgery, which is performed to remove sections of the bowel that the cancer has affected, and surgery is often performed regardless of what stage the cancer is at. However, it is important to note that there is not just one type of surgery that can be performed. In matter of fact, there are three types of surgery.

One of the types of surgery is a local excision, and this is usually performed when the cancer is in the early stages. There is a tube that the doctor inserts into the rectum and the tube eventually makes its way into the colon, where the doctor will cut off the cancerous parts. This surgery is quite simple and no incision is needed when it is performed.

The second type of surgery is a resection, and this is performed when the colon has grown to become large, and this surgery involves making an incision in the abdomen, and the part of the colon that has been affected is removed.

Also, small sections of healthy tissue will be removed, and if there are lymph nodes near the colon, then those may be removed too, as this can help a doctor determine whether or not the cancer has spread. At the end of the surgery, the doctor will take the two healthy ends of the bowel and sew them together.

The third type of surgery is resection and colostomy. This is usually done when the surgeon cannot sew the healthy ends of the bowel back together, and when this surgery is performed, then one of the ends will be brought via a hole in the abdomen, and then a bag will be placed over it. This is where the waste will be expelled, and the good news is that many people find that they can go on and lead a normal life after they receive this type of surgery.

2. Radiation- Another way that colon cancer is treated is via radiation, which can come in various forms, and the goal of radiation is to kill cancer cells or prevent them from growing. Radiation may be given internally or externally. However, the way radiation is administrated depends on where the cancer is located, as well as the size of it.

3. Chemotherapy- This is provided with the hopes that it will kill off cancer cells or prevent them from spreading, and there are a number of ways chemotherapy is administrated. Sometimes it is injected and other times it is ingested. The medical professional who will administrate it will speak with you about your options.

All of the treatments discussed above may be used individually or they may be used as together. For example, many people have surgery and then chemotherapy or radiation, just in case there are any cancer cells that could be traveling throughout the body. It is also important to note that this type of cancer can be cured, but it needs to be caught early enough, so make sure you get regular checkups.

Keep in mind that this article is purely for informational purposes. This means it is not designed to cure, diagnose or cure or prevent any disease. If you are concerned about your health, then you should speak with your top colon doctor as soon as possible.

Various health benefits associated with Mulberry tea pregnancy

Mulberry tea is a natural and caffeine free drink which is usually packed with vitamins as well as minerals. This type of tea is used to treat and prevent many health conditions such as cold symptoms, blood vessel problems, diabetes and also weight loss. It is also very helpful to expectant mothers. This tea is produced from the leaves of mulberry tree. It is indigenous to Asia although it is cultivated worldwide nowadays. Mulberry tea pregnancy has numerous health benefits and nutritional values that include the following.

Contains antioxidants and minerals

Mulberry leaves contain zinc, iron and calcium. It also contains antioxidants such as beta carotene and ascorbic acid. These antioxidants usually inhibit cellular damage mostly caused by radicals that get created during food digestion and radiation exposure. Consuming drinks and foods rich in beta carotene help in reducing the risk of getting cancer.

Helps to lower blood glucose levels

Type 2 diabetes is normally characterized by an increased blood glucose levels. Mulberry helps in lowering blood glucose since it has garlic acid. A certain study that was done showed that taking mulberry can significantly lower the glucose levels in the blood. Therefore, this product is considered to be very useful in treatment of diabetes as well as its prevention.

Reduces cholesterol levels

According to the study done, LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels were reduced in the patients who took 280 grams of this leaves for three times per day for a period of three months. This study suggested that a regular and heavy dose of this product is necessary for one to get significant results in lowering both triglycerides and cholesterols. It is also advisable that you sip some mulberry lead tea frequently since it also prevents high cholesterol.

It has anti-inflammatory effects

This herb is used to treat inflammations caused by chronic diseases. Scientists found that this herb has the capability to inhibit inflammatory agents in the human body thereby cutting the body’s inflammatory responses. All studies concerning mulberry tea suggest that it can be used to relieve pain by simply reducing inflammation.

Boosts blood vessel health

This tea reduces oxidation of cholesterol in the blood vessels thus leading to low risk of blocked blood vessels. This is because of the additional flavonoids and quercetin contained in mulberry leaves. Antioxidants inhibit the oxidative stress reactions which produce atherosclerosis. You should drink mulberry tea as one of your regular supplement for you to achieve a healthy lifestyle and healthy blood vessels.

Helps to lose weight

This tea inhibits the absorption of carbohydrates naturally. This is due to the presence of a compound called moranoline. This compound is simply an enzyme found in the intestinal tract that takes part in the digestion of carbohydrates. Therefore, the carbohydrate rich and starchy foods such as bread, pasta and potatoes are not converted to glucose in the body. Instead, they are flushed out leading to weight loss. Lack of glucose in the body also leads to low blood sugar levels.

In conclusion, above are the health benefits associated to mulberry tea. You need to start taking it too and you will enjoy the above benefits.